See also PMOS for OS/2.

Overview description of PMOS

PMOS is a large library of Modula-2 modules, distributed in source form. Its primary purpose is to make it easy to write multitasking programs for real-time and/or embedded applications. However it also contains a number of modules of interest even if you don't want to write multitasking code: screen windows and screen graphics modules, various device drivers, and a variety of utility modules.

PMOS is free for non-profit use.

As distributed, PMOS is written for use on IBM-PC compatible hardware; but large parts of it are portable.

To obtain the PMOS source code, fetch the file (don't forget to set binary mode for ftp transfers), and unzip into a disk directory of your choice.

After unzipping, you will find another README file among the unzipped files. Read it for further installation information.

If you have trouble fetching from this site, look for PMOS at one of the following places (but they won't necessarily have the latest version). Remember that choosing a too-distant site might give you painfully slow transfers.

Note that some of these were never intended to be general-purpose ftp sites, so there are no guarantees about how long the copies will stay there.

What's new in 2.2?

Version 2.2 was released on 23 March 1995. The main new features are

Related files

The following files are already part of the PMOS package, and are provided for the benefit of those who don't want the entire package. Don't bother fetching them if you already have PMOS.
The author of PMOS is Peter Moylan.
Last modified 12 September 2005.