What is PMOS/2?

PMOS/2 is a port to OS/2 of the PMOS library sources for Modula-2 programming. Basically, it's a collection of Modula-2 sources that will (I hope) make your programming job easier. It is free for non-profit use.

The software has been tested with the XDS compiler. I try to stick to standard ISO Modula-2, so it should be portable without too much difficulty to other ISO-compliant compilers. There are, however, quite a few operating system dependencies, so porting the code to other operating systems could be a fairly big job.

Why bother?

The principal function of the original PMOS library is to let you write multitasking software for DOS. It contains a multitasking kernel, device drivers, and a variety of utility modules. Since device drivers and multitasking facilities are already built in to OS/2, a port of this software to OS/2 might seem to be redundant. Do you really need this software?

There are two main reasons why PMOS/2 can be useful:

In any case, programmers like working with paradigms that are familiar - I think that is proved by the popularity of emx among C programmers.

Where do you get it?

The current version of PMOS/2 is pmos2014.zip (last updated 2014/08/28 - 562,037 bytes).

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The author of PMOS/2 is Peter Moylan.
Last modified 19 April 2020.